who we are

Our journey of a decade from a start-up in 2011 till 2020 has made LOTO SAFETY PRODUCTS DMCC Dubai, a company of choice with end-users and synonymous with expertise in isolation of hazardous energies a.k.a LOCKOUT / TAGOUT or LOTO.

Having conducted over 350 field assessments across several industrial verticals, we noticed gaps existed between client’s requirements and available products. The collective experience and insight led to the development of the patented 3PTP Three-Point Traceability Padlock in 2012 under our brand LOTO-LOK® and still one of the most popular products till date.

The 3PTP safety padlock’s innovative features quickly became an industry standard across the GCC and MENA region.

We see problems in LOTO products which no one thought existed and our mantra is to Simplify LOTO – Not complicate it.

Designing customer-centric, quality LOTO products at competitive price points is an obsession and a responsibility we take seriously.

Our new launches KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout and TEAM-LOK™ Safety Padlock are testimony to our primary focus on creating user-friendly feature-rich products with multi-function capabilities.

The cost savings on reduced downtime and inventory whilst enhancing the level of safety has real-time tangible benefits on costs savings without compromising on safety.

KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout has received patents from USA, China & India with additional patents pending in UK, Australia, Netherlands, UAE, KSA & other countries.

KAB-O-LOK™ Cable Lockout’s unique features reduce considerable downtime on isolating hundreds of valves in upstream & downstream industries and is fast becoming the cable lockout of choice in the Oil & Gas sector in the GCC region.

We would love to have your feedback on our products if you have used them. Free samples of KAB-O-LOK™ are available (excluding courier charges) should you wish to try them.

Please do write to us should you need our products or services.